Attorney Ellen S. Grossman
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Areas of Practice

Real Estate
Real estate is a major investment for most businesses, and individuals often contribute fifty (50%) percent or more of their net worth to obtaining property. However, people often make these large investments with no independent legal advice.

Attorney Grossman represents individual purchasers and sellers of real estate, from the inception of the transaction through the time of closing. In addition, she is experienced in the development of small to medium-sized condominium developments and in the drafting of condominium documents. Our clients also include commercial and residential landlords, realtors and property managers to whom we provide a wide range of services including, but not limited to, the resolution of lease disputes, drafting of lease documents, lease reviews and negotiations, and commercial and residential evictions. We also represent clients in real estate litigation.

"Estate planning" involves securing a person's assets for the eventual distribution to heirs and/or beneficiaries, and ensuring one's wishes with respect to end-of-life matters are provided for. This often consists of more than just setting up a simple will. Your attorney must also create the proper combination of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives, or other documents.

Many clients want to know whether they really need an estate plan if they do not have a lot of monetary wealth. The answer is yes! Creating estate-planning documents allows you to do the following, although this list is not exhaustive:
  • Determine who will care for your minor children
  • Determine who will handle money for your children
  • Set up a trust for your children to pay for college, living expenses, medical needs, and the like
  • Plan for your own care in the event you become incapacitated
  • Determine who will receive heirlooms or other special items
  • Make donations to charitable organizations
  • Determine who will care for your pet(s)
  • State your wishes regarding your medical care
Our office also collaborates, where necessary, with other attorneys, accountants and financial planners in order to prepare the best possible estate plan for our clients which meet our clients' needs and comport with their wishes.

Small Business Representation
We focus on providing comprehensive representation to small business owners and handle a wide range of matters for these clients. Attorney Grossman advises clients on contract issues, general business disputes and new business creation including, but not limited to, incorporation, partnership agreements, and LLC agreements.

Personal Injury
Our firm handles personal injury cases and represents accident victims throughout Massachusetts. If you have been involved in an accident including, but not limited to, motor vehicle, slip and fall, or trip and fall, and you need legal assistance, we can represent you from the inception of your claim through its resolution.

Civil Litigation
Attorney Grossman represents both individuals and business organizations as plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation matters throughout Massachusetts. Our litigation philosophy includes realistic counseling of clients prior to the institution of and throughout the litigation process. The litigation process commences with an investigation and evaluation of the client's claims or defenses, and an analysis of the client's rights, duties and obligations in order to effectively evaluate the case consistent with a client's expectations and goals. The process proceeds with the filing of a complaint or an answer to the complaint, and then conducting the discovery required to properly prosecute or defend the case.
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